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Drop me a line if you find my work usefull for you.
Tool to combine, trim and minify all asset of Adobe Animate CC project into single html file. Also available pure .js file and uncompressed .html file
Checklist for people testing their skill at Battlefiled Weapon Contest
A small plugin that makes text changing less lame than usual
Play/pause all css animation on stage by pressing one button
+ Sublime snippet
Part of my Waffle Spriter app
Directable JS + CSS particles emitter
Creates draggable block with debug data, similar to FireBug but you can define data to output
Draws border around all <span> and <div> tags
Helps you to download Coub .flv, .mp4 and .mp3 sources within one click
Adds button with link to max resolution photo over first 24 thumbs
AIR shell for youtube-dl. By default it downloads the best available video.
Shell tested only on youtube (single video), coub, instagram and twitch.
For those who don't use Compass Sprite. It could compress images, embed sprite as base64 and create styles and divs list.
Batch rename files:
  • add prefix/suffix
  • replace .JPEG with .jpg
  • remove symbols
  • all letters to lower case
  • replace spaces with _ symbol
Creates linear sprite where images goes side by side (verticaly or vorizontaly).
There is 10 megapixel limitation on sprite size. To avoid this limitation you can use my Magick Linear Spriter.
Returns video dimention, fps and duration using ffprobe
Grabs photos from ArchDaily website
Must-have class for air apps
Class for air apps that helps notify user about new release
Convinient wrapper for WebSocket class
It's all drag'n'drop action multi-file tools.
No spaces in file name!
Convert video in to a spritesheet
Split video in to png sequence with user-defined fps
The same tool as Magick Waffle Spriter exept it's arrange images only by one axis at a time (verticaly or horizontaly)
Drag'n'drop first file from sequence and this app concatenate all images inside folder in to a sprite sheet
Takes animated gif from video. It's 20 fps by default
Adds border to videos
Automatically renames all bitmaps in library that starting with anything except letter.
Recheck every 25 minutes or manually by clicking over the panel.
Outputs timeline data such as:
  • current timeline total duration
  • selected frame time
  • selected frame time in percents
And all this data could be copied within one click over the value.
Auto-add click action to all buttons
Export all library to .png files
Saves each layer as png image
Split sprite by pieces
Export elements params to xml file